Cherishing the Treasure of Art



We are a group of people who believe that art – in any form – is a treasure and hence needs to be cherished, appreciated and shared! We have joined hands with like minded people to promote Indian Classical Arts and have formed this non-profit organization. Our goals and undertakings are as follows:
  • Promoting and spreading awareness about Abhijaat Sangeet, Nritya, as well as Naatya – The primeval form of music, dance and drama
  • Arranging workshops, demonstrations and lectures to assist keen seekers to learn to appreciate the same
  • Organizing concerts of artists and providing a global platform for budding talent from India as well as those from the proximity
  • Providing financial aid in the form of sponsorships/scholarships to talented and deserving students to achieve mastery in their artistic pursuit
  • Arranging performances of acclaimed veteran artists for the benefit and delight of local audiences
  • Availing training facilities for interested students
  • Also, supporting musical forms exclusively related to Marathi culture – Natyasangeet,  Light Classical/ Sugam Sangeet, etc.
The Abhijaat Kala, being so oceanic in nature, offers so much to delve in and bring out. It always annihilates the petty boundaries of caste and creed and color and language.
Thus even though we operate out of MA - USA, our approach is global and mindset open. Come…support us and become the guardians of this invaluable wealth of art.
KalaVaibhav family wholeheartedly welcomes you!